Who am I?

My name is Julia Polok. I am a designer
and an artist who gathers various experiences
around the world. These include Erasmus exchange
program at Sheffield Hallam University in
England and my backpacking trips to more
than 30 countries. Traveling develops my
cultural sensitivity, while it also opens
unexpected horizons and gives new ideas.


I am a designer with a methodological
approach to design process. Products created
by myself are answering the call of users’ needs
or reflect solutions to society problems.
Unique, functional and beautiful objects
are the result of observation, analysis,
development and prototyping.


• Merge clients’ expectations with my vision
• Perfection in each detail
• Simplicity and originality


My work arises from passion while
discovering beauty and diversity of the world,
and focusing on structures and patterns of nature.
I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
– Studio of Visual Arts of Zbigniew Furgalinski.
Before that my art work was inspired and
supervised by famous artists like Stanislav
Harangozó, Emil Fulka, Anka Čemická, Miro Pribiš,
Rosvita Mikulová or Agula Swoboda.

I have been a member of the Polish Association
of Artists in the Czech Republic since 2016.